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“Attention cooks:


     Here’s how you can easily transform everyday      

     dishes into healing and medicinal foods.

     Bellebuono’s book is A MUST HAVE.


—Rebecca Wood,

     author of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia    

     and The Splendid Grain

Healing Kitchen cover (1).jpg

The Healing Kitchen is a fantastic resource for bringing healing herbs into the kitchen and making easy, delicious foods.

With scores of recipes, the book covers a wide range of foods, including teas, salads, condiments, broths, soups, snacks, breakfasts, main dishes, smoothies, beverages, and more. Learn to incorporate nourishing plants into your daily menu--foods that taste delicious, look incredible, and give you the vitality and energy you need.

This book is a collaborative effort between Holly and 19 chefs and herbalists from around the country who have shared their trusted and healthy dishes and ideas. Be inspired and make these recipes for better health part of your daily and seasonal favorites.


“Attention cooks: Here’s how you can easily transform everyday dishes into healing and medicinal foods. Bellebuono’s book is a must have.”

Rebecca Wood

Author, The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia and The Splendid Grain

If you wish to more deeply delve into herbs here’s a new title that, to my eyes, is a first of its kind. In The Healing Kitchen, Holly Bellebuono takes herbs multiple steps beyond how most cooks use them. She demonstrates using edible and medicinal herbs in every snack, beverage and condiment “…as a tasty opportunity to nourish, protect, and revitalize yourself and those you love.”  And she makes it easy.
For example, you can make an electuary in as much time as it takes to stir powdered herbs into honey. Bellebuono offers a Spicy Ginger Electuary, a Tangy Electuary for Immune Support and a Cinnamon Molasses Spread for Biscuits. Spread your own concoction, or one of her recipes, onto toast, stir it into tea or lick it off the spoon.
The 140 recipes that Bellebuono has collected include finishing salts (like Wild Greens Gomasio); herbal teas (like Persimmon Seed Coffee); as well as recipes for everyday dishes that feature innovate uses of herbs. Rather than just rice pudding for dessert, why not Nettle Rice Pudding or, for that matter, Rose Petal Rice Pudding!

Rebecca Wood

"Here is a new title that, to my eyes, is a first of its kind..."

The Healing Kitchen is an inspiring source of knowledge about the healing properties of plants and how to incorporate them into delicious meals. This will be a staple in my library and kitchen. A beautiful combination of ancient remedies with modern information.

Shiva Rose

The Local Rose Blog

The Healing Kitchen brings the health benefits of herbs into any kitchen with a wealth of recipes to include herbal medicine in daily fare. Holly Bellebuono has compiled a book that will inspire both cooks and herbalists to create delicious home remedies.

Kate O'Donnell

author, The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook

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