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Does your team need
values coaching?

If you're an herbalist, aromatherapist, producer of cosmetics, if you sell to spas or markets, if you produce coffee or tea or herbs or spices... you are in the natural products business -- and it is very unique.

Natural products companies face special challenges, whether you're a sole proprietor running a tiny apothecary or a medium-sized coffee roaster seeking to do good in the world with fair hiring practices and a mission to support the environment.

If your company needs guidance identifying and implementing company purpose or values, Holly's coaching can help your team pinpoint areas of need, address concerns, find solutions, and build a strong, values-driven company that is driven by your purpose AND is compliant AND is appealing to your customers.

Holly Bellebuono

For Profits interested in or already achieved:           

  • B-corps and aspiring B-corps

  • Natural products Industry (soap, skincare/beauty, herbal products, seeds/garden)

  • Natural foods industry (teas, chocolate/coffee, organic foods, herbs, supplements)

  • Organics (textiles, clothing, children’s products, foods, cosmetics, pregnancy retail)

  • Natural product thought leaders, course creators, activists, empire builders, national catalogues


Non-Profits dedicated to:

  • Conservation & environmental protection

  • Animal welfare

  • Women’s empowerment

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Business consulting

Holly's workshops and team trainings position your team to do their BEST WORK:​

  • INSPIRE your team through a personal, collaborative visioning of purpose and mission

  • Bring your VALUES TO LIFE for your team with a narrative and an implementation plan they will embrace and of which they will feel ownership

  • Equip your team with the skills they need to clearly articulate your company's core values, mission and purpose

  • Walk through the pain points that change may bring--and develop a company culture of transparency, growth, and openness

  • Build the confidence and skills each team member needs to CHAMPION YOUR VALUES

  • identify how your company can expand and still connect to customers and protect your environmental and social standards

  • Strengthen your Company Culture with team workshops, individual sessions, customized interviews, HR support, and consistent feedback to SUPPORT NEW AND EXISTING STAFF as they onboard and grow within your values & purpose vision

  • Stand out in the busy Natural Products & Organics world with passion, ethics, innovation, and the products & services that make you proud

Why work with Holly?

​Holly thinks "big picture" about strategy and purpose as well as the details and nuances that make an organization succeed. Holly is passionate about implementing purpose and values in teams so businesses can be the "force for good," being both 1) transparent for their customers and 2) inspiring for their staff. Holly has won small business leadership and skill awards and her 30 years in the natural products industry informs her desire to work with purpose-driven companies and nonprofits who are ready to strengthen their teams with core values.

Contact Holly here to schedule a call to explore how Holly can support your company.

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