Visionary Thinking

For Women,

Entrepreneurs, &

Healing Arts professionals

Holly Bellebuono is an internationally recognized natural health expert and award-winning author of 7 nonfiction books. Her 25 years of integrative health experience make her a much-sought-after speaker, teacher, panelist, and workshop leader.  She brings warmth, inspiration and expertise to audiences at women's summits, herbal conferences, universities, corporate and association conferences, nursing programs, and entrepreneur seminars. She lectures on


change and vision

entrepreneur strategy

women’s health and leadership

integrative health and wellness

and herbal medicine


The daughter of a pharmacist and registered nurse, Holly grew up in a home dedicated to medicine and the thoughtful exploration of life, death, and healing. Holly’s approach to herbalism is both scientific and philosophic, and her presence at events is warm and welcoming. 


A 2-time Business Owner of the Year Award Winner, Holly combines a career history in environmental and health-and-social-service non-profit work with strong entrepreneurial experience. As CEO of Bellebuono Holistic International, she directs The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, an official school of The American Herbalist Guild providing training and certification to herbalists and health care professionals. Holly travels from the Boston area.


Speaking Topics

Keynote: What Is Healing?

Empowering women and leaders, Holly reflects on what it means to be a healer and asks the questions we all face in our careers, from midwifery to nursing to herbalism: What does it mean to be a healer? Where does healing come from and what is my role in it?  Holly explores important concepts with inspiration, warmth, and a deep faith in the enduring power of the human spirit.

Keynote: Women & Leadership: Ask, Agree, Aspire

Holly shares the most-important element of her successful 30 year career: the value of collaboration. Whether in nonprofit work, as an entrepreneur, or in the medical profession, Holly teaches how to build a rewarding leadership style and to use collaborative common vision to propel your career forward.

Women Healers of the World

This candid and compelling presentation bridges role models, women, and science. Holly features 31 women from 20 countries and 16 healing traditions from her 7 years of travel, research, and personal interviews. Visionary and inspiring.

Alzheimer's and Herbs:
Current Research for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Learn the structure and function of nerves and neuro-transmitters, especially new research into how herbs affect dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, and depression.

Healthy Mind: Integrative Medicine for Behavioral Health

Learn how botanical therapies help depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, memory loss, anxiety, and other mental/behavioral health issues.

Goal-Setting Entrepreneur Seminar

The best interactive brainstorming session you’ll attend. Build a strong team, identify goals, define outcomes, and establish a plan to achieve actionable steps. **2 hour - 2 day, customizable


from conference organizers, planners, and directors:
“Thank you so much for being such an important part of the magic and success of Botanica2018. Your presentations were engaging, simple and beautiful and were the perfect way to open and end the event. Thank you for accepting my invitation to speak and to share your wonderful work."
      --Rhiannon Lewis, Botanica2018
"Holly Bellebuono is a welcome annual speaker. Weaving together her expertise in several fields, Holly can be counted upon to give a well-researched presentation on any number of fascinating topics and consistently draws engaged audiences to her workshops.”
--Carol Bedrosian, Natural Living Expo


Holly's lectures and lively presentation are not-to-be-missed, information-packed gems that inspire groups to more deeply explore..."
--Soul Center
"Your are a gifted storyteller. The way you weave a story and present information so gracefully is entertaining and enthralling."
--history teacher
"Thank you for speaking on the panel for women entrepreneurs. I found your story encouraging; it's inspiring to other women achieving their goals while still putting family first."
--audience member
"Holly had our rapt attention from the first word. Holly is a most engaging speaker."
--M.V. Antiques Club
“Holly spoke at our annual conference and was an outstanding addition to the program. Her presentation was informative, well organized and fun. The feedback from conference attendees was overwhelming in their delight and appreciation of Holly.
--Marge Powell, The International Herb Association
"I love that you don't dumb it down. You set an expectation and a standard and you carry us with you."
--audience member
"Holly is a great presenter and we have invited her back every year. due to popular demand. Her programs always sell out."
--Karin Stanley, Polly Hill Arboretum
"Holly is an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker who weaves her first hand experience of herbs with historical facts and fascinating stories. She touches not only the hearts of her students but inspires in those who study with her a deep and personal connection to the plants."
--Rosemary Gladstar
"Holly is easily one of the best speakers we have ever had!  For her program Herbs for Neurodegenerative Diseases, she was able to take the very complicated function of the human brain and explain it in a way that non-medical people could understand. She taught us the health benefits of many herbs we already have in our pantry. Offering her book, The Healing Kitchen, filled with wonderful recipes, was an added bonus!

Her presentation from her book, Women Healers of the World, was an inspiration to us all."

     --Connie Hanson, Michigan Herb Associates