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Project Advising

For for-profits and non-profits, this coaching package provides “step-in-as-needed” support for specific projects or programs.


With Holly as your Project Advisor, you may:

  • Set the actionable direction for a specific project or program, at any stage of development

  • Plan, assess, and execute new, complex, or “change” projects

  • Learn to gain buy-in for an idea from stakeholders throughout the organization

  • Walk through the pain points that may come with this project

  • Assess the project in terms of the overall brand and mission of the company

  • Identify and strengthen roles of team members necessary for project success

  • Tackle key steps from idea to execution efficiently and effectively

  • Talk through specific junctures with a trustworthy and objective sounding board

  • Assess all phases of the project and create a Project exit/end plan

  • Projects/Programs can include

    • Launching a new product or service, or nonprofit program

    • Writing or publishing a book, white paper, or research

    • Planning to host an event/conference/summit

    • Rebranding or pivoting in scope or purpose

    • Opening or expanding


This package includes:

A 3-to-12 month customized program centered on your project goals, desires, and challenges

Weekly virtual 1:1 high-impact consulting sessions

A Project Audit and Positioning Plan

A built-with-you action plan for next steps

Investment: Base fee $4,000 + $2,000 per month (minimum 3 months)

Contact Holly here to schedule a call to explore working together.

Holly Bellebuono
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