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Selle Startup Course

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This resource-rich online course supports new and startup business owners or those with a new product or service -- you'll learn the most useful steps for every aspect of business creation. Designed for home-based or solopreneur businesses, crafters and artists, retailers, and anyone making or selling a physical natural or organic product: skincare, cosmetics, herbals, clean beauty, coffee & tea, chocolate, and more. Create your vision, learn how about company structure & set-up, build your best team, create a pricing strategy, develop a strong money mindset, and more. $497

Selle Your Book Course


Learn how to craft a professional book proposal so you may confidently pitch your manuscript to agents and editors. This course walks you through how to construct and organize all the components of a strong book proposal, shares first-hand, real-life examples and guidance, and sets you up for success whether you're pitching to Indie presses, traditional publishing houses, or planning to self-publish.

This highly detailed course is useful for all genres (fiction and non-fiction) with a duration of video lecture and homework exercises of approximately 9 hours. Taught by the author of 7 books, with book #8 scheduled to be released Spring 2025. $447

Selle Natural Course

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The ultimate masterclass for every business owner in the natural products and organics industry. If you are an herbalist, aromatherapist, boutique owner, apothecary owner, or sell products such as coffee, tea, cosmetics, foods, herbs, supplements, or anything certified organic, you will learn all the basics of launching and running your business.

This comprehensive course teaches terminology, career paths and ethics in the NP and organics world; the role of the FDA and compliance; labeling laws; cottage food laws; liability and insurance; good manufacturing practices; retail & wholesale considerations, and how and why to commit to environmental and social standards that your customers want and appreciate. $397

Selle Organic Course

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The Selle Organic Course walks you through everything you need to know about demonstrating your core ethics and purpose to your customers and team.

Have you considered getting certified as organic? or are you passionate about Fair Trade? Are you thinking about applying to be a B-corp? 


This course explains dozens of certifications and commitments that any company can choose to make, regardless of size or type of company. Here, herbalist and entrepreneur Holly Bellebuono shares the meanings and impact of a wide range of environmental and social impact commitments, why customers are demanding to see this type of transparency and accountability, which ones may be right for YOUR business, the pros and cons, and much more. $320

Selle CEO Course

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Whether you're a new leader or a seasoned one, leadership models, skills, and guidance change frequently. In this comprehensive deep-dive course, you'll tackle the business & leadership issues that keep you up at night, explore leadership success stories, learn skills and characteristics that make for a strong leader, develop a sustainable money mindset, develop communications styles and habits that will reward you. Above all, you'll learn how to identify a strong company ethic, identify and implement core values with your team, build a thriving company culture, and how to move your business forward with a strong purpose.

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