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Online Business Courses

Selle Confident Course

Selle Confident.png

This comprehensive online course is designed to support new business owners or any owner with a new product or service -- getting you started with the right steps and guidance in every aspect of business creation. Especially designed for home-based or solopreneur businesses, crafters and artists, retailers, and anyone making or selling a physical product. $495

Selle Natural Course

Selle Natural Cover.png

The ultimate masterclass for every business owner in the natural products and organics industry. If you are an herbalist, aromatherapist, boutique owner, apothecary owner, or sell products such as coffee, tea, cosmetics, foods, herbs, supplements, or anything certified organic, you will learn all the basics of launching and running your business.

This comprehensive course teaches terminology, career paths and ethics in the NP and organics world; the role of the FDA and compliance; labeling laws; cottage food laws; liability and insurance; good manufacturing practices; retail & wholesale considerations, and how and why to commit to environmental and social standards that your customers want and appreciate.

Roadmap Your Business Path Course

Roadmap Your Business cover page

The best way to start a new business? With some direction, reliable guidance, and facts behind you. This online course walks you through some of the most important steps to consider when thinking about launching products, creating offers, or expanding into additional services. With straightforward guidance and financial templates, Holly helps you examine the potential revenue of a variety of options. Here, you'll get the guidance to decide whether writing books, hosting retreats, offering courses, launching memberships, selling products, and/or other avenues are right for you... So that you can make an informed decision that moves you quicker toward your goal. Includes video lesson and downloadable Excel template for maximum revenue understanding and planning.


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