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We look forward to welcoming you to learn
the FOUNDATIONS of herbal medicine!
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A renowned medical herbalist and teacher of herbal medicine for 30 years, Holly Bellebuono shares her books, courses and training programs for all who chase the beloved plants, sneak out to their gardens or wild meadows daily, can't wait to get their hands in a bit of dirt, revel in the culture and traditions handed down, want to up-level their understanding of herbal medicine,

and are passionate about natural healing.

Herbal Tuscany Retreat
May 24-June 4 2025

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herb school garden

Herbal Courses

Enroll in classes that prepare you to be a better herbalist, taught with authenticity and an emphasis on anatomy and physiology. This collection of 2-10 hour online classes covers topics such as herbs for mother-and-baby, herbs for the brain, and using herbal actions to design healing formulas.

Bellebuono School Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Foundations Program

Deepen your knowledge of herbal medicine in this comprehensive online curriculum that has supported herbalists, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, gardeners, retailers, and many more with practical knowledge as they integrate herbal medicine into their work.

Holly's Books on a shelf

Herbal Books by Holly

In her 30 year career, Holly has published seven books on edible and medicinal herbalism, including apothecary books, cookbooks, instructional guidebooks, and an inspiring and award-winning documentary about women and cultures.

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