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PLEASE NOTE: Holly is taking a sabbatical from teaching and consulting for the year 2020; registration for all courses, programs, and online classes is suspended until 2021 (this site's shopping cart is now inactive). Please join the mailing list to be notified of 2021 dates for the 2-Week Herbal Training Intensive and the Apothecary Weekend.

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2019 dates: May 24 - June 7


Though our Herb School offers a distance (online) program, we are most well-known for our popular 2-Week Herbal Immersion, a delightful and practical training program in herbal medicine where you can immerse yourself in everything herbal medicine has to offer. You'll gain a depth of understanding in the healing arts that will serve you for the rest of your life, and you'll equip yourself with a strong basis in formulary and pharmacology.


This program is designed for the intermediate herbal student who wants to serve family and community, as well as for the advanced medical professional who wants to integrate botanical therapy into an existing practice. 


Earn your Community Herbalist Certificate during the most fun, rewarding and meaningful two weeks of your summer.

NEW: This year's 2-Week Herbal Immersion and the Apothecary Weekend will be held at The Rowe Center in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts.

Note: This link will take you to The Rowe Center where you can learn more and register

Note: This link will take you to The Rowe Center where you can learn more and register

 2019 DATES:


Friday May 24 - Monday May 27, 2019


Friday May 24 - Friday June 7, 2019


The Rowe Center, Rowe MA

Located in the hills of the upper-western part of Massachusetts, Rowe is a tiny haven nestled among New England towns, rivers and gorges, and the artistic and creative communities of the Berkshire Mountains. The Rowe Center has operated as a children's summer camp since 1924 and offers adult camps and spiritual retreats. Our classes will make the most of the local permaculture gardens, woodlands, and quiet countryside.


Rowe is about 2.5 hours from Boston Logan Airport and 1.5 hours from Hartford CT airport (Rowe offers a shuttle service to and from the Hartford airport for a small fee).


The 2-Week Intensive is geared toward the intermediate student who is looking to support self-health, to support the family, or to become a Certified Community Herbalist. This course is also excellent for the advanced student who is already a healing arts practitioner and wants to integrate herbal medicine into his or her practice. Please see pre-requisites.


Tuition (paid by May 1, 2019): $2500

Supplies fee: $40

Housing and Meals: Housing and meals are provided separately by The Rowe Center (you will see a variety of options when you register).

Tuition includes a $500 deposit.


Distance Program: register anytime

Apothecary Weekend: register by May 23 2019

2-Week Herbal Intensive (includes Apothecary Weekend): May 23 2019.


Refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A fee is assessed on all cancellations/refunds, please see The Rowe Center for refund details. No refunds after May 10 for any reason, no exceptions.


Note: This link will take you to The Rowe Center where you can learn more and register


You are invited to join us for an Intensive training with international herbalist Holly Bellebuono to earn your certification. A knowledge of herbal medicine allows you to flourish within your chosen profession with confidence, grace, and value.

  • Establish yourself as a knowledgeable herbalist and use your understanding to promote wellness.

  • Gain hands-on experience under the guidance of herbalist and author Holly Bellebuono, learning the nuances of traditional processing and materia medica.

  • Work in a like-minded community with others and incorporate botanical therapies into your current nursing, pharmacy, midwifery, chiropractic, massage, or other healing arts practice.



This course is a unique exploration of herbs and healing, taught with a sense of humor, an academic approach to pharmacology and formulary, and a spiritual appreciation for the connections between plants, people, and healers. An herbalist of more than 23 years, instructor Holly Bellebuono is a well-known and acclaimed herbalist, author, empowerment speaker, and entrepreneur. She brings to the course a strong sense of collaboration and a deep intuitive understanding of how the art and science of herbal medicine resonates with us as individuals and as a culture. The philosophy of the program is founded on respect and an ever-growing sense of exploration and experimentation with an underlying foundation of a heritage thousands of years old. Grounded, low-key, and down-to-earth, Holly sets a very welcoming and relaxed tone as we dive into the deeper questions facing herbalists and healers. We cover basics and we wax philosophic; we eat weeds and we explore the underpinnings of what it means to be a healer; we study the intracacies of anatomy and physiology and we have fun getting to know each other in a special small-group dynamic that quickly develops into community. 

As each student has a different approach and unique needs, Holly takes care to structure the class to best benefit each person's aspirations and goals. She recognizes there are as many ways to be an herbalist as there are herbs; by providing a framework upon which to build your study of herbal medicine, Holly helps you gain the experience and the expansion that best fits your needs.

"[This] is a rich, hands on program that draws its value from the presence and strength of it’s teacher, Holly Bellebuono. Holly is a gem of a teacher. Her quiet yet strong presence allows for the students and material to work together organically, veering off track to allow for rich sharing of personal experience and to playfully explore ideas and questions as they emerge and yet somehow she always managed to firmly guide us back to the detailed scientific yet soulful information of the readings, lessons, and the task of getting the abundance of homework done! I have to admit I was groaning towards the end, “down with homework!” But, wow! It really served its purpose in helping us to absorb such an immense amount of material in such a short period of time. I came home and went on a walk and felt amazed and proud of myself for how much I had learned. I really think the 2-Week Intensive is the way to go. Thank you Holly!" -- M.M., 2017



For the student who wants to serve as a family, community, or clinical herbalist, or for the professional who wishes to include the art and science of botanical therapy as an adjunct to another field such as nursing, midwifery, acupuncture, chiropractic, social work, etc. During this enjoyable, in-depth intensive, you will learn many facets of herbal medicine in a supportive setting, becoming very familiar with scores of edible and medicine plants and completing The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine Herbal Studies Program workbook in a dynamic small-group setting.

We'll go through all the body systems together, covering botany, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, formulary, holistic healing, herbal identification, philosophy of health and healing, business skills, jurisprudence, and hands-on crafting of delicious and effective herbal remedies. The Herbal Studies Program is a written curriculum specially designed for the herbalist, and includes limited hands-on training in making and processing most of the remedies in the 17 Lesson curriculum with a focus on applying herbal actions in formulas for clients. Together we go through the Lessons and complete the study, all the while surrounded by healing medicinal plants at The Rowe Center's beautiful garden, riverside, meadow and woodland habitats.




INTERMEDIATE TRAINING in Formulary, Pharmacology & Body Systems:

  • Formulary. Our primary focus is on formulary. We cover understanding how and why to blend or use herbs in a healing and medicinal capacity. You'll learn formulary as part of herbal medicine within the broader context of human healing so that you can apply your knowledge in a wide range of healing professions, including nursing, midwifery, allopathy, homeopathy, and community service work. When learning formulary, you discover both the scientific and intuitive reasons for combining herbs together and you gain a rich understanding of how certain herbs work together, how they fit effectively in a blend, how and why they affect the body's main systems, and how/why/when to use one herb or more than one herb for a given condition.

  • Pharmacology. The pharmacology of medicinal herbs—with a focus on Western herbalism and an introduction to Ayurvedic, Eastern and other herbs—examines the chemistry of herbs from a science perspective. In other words, what chemicals do plants possess and how do these affect the intricate chemicals and systems in the human body? These are often called the herb's actions, and it's a straight-forward look at the extraordinary science of plants and people, and we make it a fun, enriching, and worthwhile part of our days.

  • Body Systems. Explore the myriad ways herbs are used for healing the body in a very organized and useful way: based on body system. We'll cover herbal medicine for the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, mental, skin, reproductive/hormonal, endocrine, and other systems, as well as specific pharmacology and chemistry and how these interact with human anatomy. You'll gain a sense of confidence working with herbs and being able to apply this information and heritage to people you work with.

BASIC TRAINING in Harvesting, Processing, Business Practice & Heritage:

The 2-Week Intensive focuses on formulary, but as time allows we will also cover:

  • Harvesting of key medicinal herbs, wildcrafting ethics, identification and harvest of wild herbs. Note: this is not a soil sciences or permaculture class, but we will do some harvesting.

  • Processing fresh and dried herbs into a variety of herbal remedies using traditional folk methods suitable for the community herbalist. These may include: foods, tinctures, salves, liniments, syrups, teas, infusions, decoctions, elixirs, infused honeys, electuaries, yogurts, milks, vinegars, compresses, fomentations, poultices, wines, powders, and/or salts as time and interest allows. (For more experience with this, register for the Apothecary Weekend.)

  • FDA requirements and GMP practices. We'll go over basics especially from an entrepreneurial perspective.

  • Entrepreneurship. Business ethics and small business management. Holly Bellebuono is a 2-time Business Owner of the Year Award winner and she regularly teaches workshops across the country on entrepreneurship, women's leadership, collaboration, and how to run a successful business with integrity and creativity. The Goal-Setting Workshop will be included in the Program if there is interest in the group.

  • Heritage and History. Based on Holly's book Women Healers of the World and her research of the world's cultures and many of the women instrumental in advancing herbal science, we will explore and appreciate the wonderful heritage of plant-based healing especially from a woman's perspective. What great role models!

  • School includes many field trips, herb walks, beach excursions, woodland meanderings, in-depth training, presentations, beautiful printed and digital curriculum materials, and special activities that will make this 2-week intensive rich with meaning, color, and diversity. We build a strong core of friendship during this intensive that resonates with you long after the final exam and your completion of the course.


This program does NOT focus on: in-depth clinical practice, diagnosis, diagnostic technique, diabetes or cancer treatment.


Since this is an intermediate/advanced level certificate course, a strong familiarity with herbs and/or medicine is required before enrolling. You should be very familiar with 15-20 herbs (you can identify them and have a general understanding of their medicinal function). You probably know more than you realize: many people can identify store-bought cinnamon and ginger, and can identify spearmint and roses and have a general idea of how and why they are used. True beginners will find it difficult to keep up with learning the herbs AND learning their functions in the human anatomy. Previous students have wished they knew more about identifying herbs before starting the course. Students should have some experience in any ONE of the following areas:

  • Gardening or farming (2 years or longer)

  • Medical/Nursing (completion of first year nursing/medical school or beyond)

  • Midwifery (CNM or similar)

  • Herbalism (completion of herbal apprenticeship or course with professional herbalist, or 2 years employment in a retail or clinical setting specializing in herbal medicine)

  • Anatomy/Physiology or Botany (completion of college-level class or higher). Students with gardening/plant backgrounds will want to take a community college course in anatomy before enrolling in the 2-Week Herbal Immersion.



Housing and meals are provided separately by The Rowe Center, which offers a variety of housing options including cabins, dorm rooms, single and double occupancy options, private rooms, and luxury rooms. Meals are lovingly prepared on-site using fresh ingredients, many of which are sourced from local farms throughout the western Massachusetts region.


Successful completion results in a Community Herbalist Certification.


All students are required to sign a Non-Compete Agreement. This specifies that you agree that you will not engage in a competitive business on (or from) the island of Martha's Vineyard for a period of seven (7) years. A competitive business would be an herb school, an herbal education center or enterprise, or an apothecary or seller of herbal medicines.


Refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A cancellation fee is assessed on all cancellations/refunds. Please see The Rowe Center for the cancellation policy. No refunds after May 10 for any reason.



Curriculum materials included in your enrollment:

The Essential Herbal for Natural Health

For many people, this is their favorite book on herbal crafting! A welcoming and personable guidebook, The Essential Herbal lists hundreds of recipes with useful advice and tips, walking you through the process of making dozens of traditional remedies including: beeswax salves, syrups, tinctures, vinegars, liniments, infused honeys, electuaries, bath salts, teas, infusions and decoctions, and more. Focus on 13 common, safe and versatile plants while deepening your understanding of herbal therapy.

An Herbalist's Guide to Formulary

A practical and informative guide to using herbs for health. This book is organized by body system and is packed full of current research, methods, and best practices for herbal enthusiasts and healing arts practitioners.

Student Binder

We print the webinar videos for you and organize them in a convenient binder. You'll use this throughout the 2-week program, store your notes in it, and return to it again and again as a reference in your future studies.

Student Workbook

We will use this workbook as the core of our curriculum, and because we come together as a small group for the 2-Week Intensive, this helps us work together to solve case studies, progress from Lesson to Lesson, and correlate what we're learning with webinar videos and actual live plants.

Herbal Action Webinar Series

Get Holly's complete introductory set of 36 color-photo rich webinars. These educational resources teach the actions of plants, guiding you through the properties of herbs and how to best use them in formulas of your own. Discover everything from adaptogen to vulnerary, and so much in between; this is the best way to organize your thoughts about herbal medicine.

Course-Relevant Webinar Videos

Follow along in the Student Workbook with each lesson in these easy webinar videos. Holly walks you through each Lesson, its primary topics, as well as each question in the Workbook. Make notes, explore the herbs featured in each lesson, and look at gorgeous color photos referring to each body system, illness, and symptom.

Audio CDs on 5 Health Topics

You'll get digital downloads of Holly's popular professionally-mastered audio CD collection "How to Use Herbs for Health" . Body Systems include: Skin, Cardiovascular, Stress & The Nervous System, Digestion, and Respiratory. Use these as stand-alone informative educational resources, or listen to them during the relevant coursework during the program. 

Positive Self Empowerment Book

Useful for anyone--herbalists, entrepreneurs, families--this workbook offers simple guidance that can empower your thoughts and actions with confidence. Learn how thoughts, beliefs, planning, and straightforward actions can bring you forward on the best path for you. Handy worksheets help you focus your attention where you need it most. While supplies last.

Tip Sheets

These PDF guides are quick references for making herbal remedies. They cover Holly's 4-Tier Formula Structure, Liquid Extracts, Beeswax Salves, and Herbal Menstruums. Refer to these for in-the-moment instruction and ideas.

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In addition, your enrollment in the 2-Week Herbal Immersion includes:

  • All apothecary supplies such as jars, bottles and herbs

  • Hands-on education for harvesting, processing and crafting

  • Access to harvest herbs from local gardens for your own creations

  • Involvement in a small, intimate group of learners with daily instruction from Holly

  • Engaging class dialogues about personal histories, case studies, news and current events, historical challenges, local and regional plants, health care, and more

  • Individual feedback and evaluations on Lessons from Holly

  • Perspectives and instruction from Guest Teachers (when available)

  • Access to an on-going, supportive online community of fellow students

  • Both a digital and printed Certificate, suitable for framing




"I particularly loved the warm, friendly, kind environment..."

Monica Giacomin, Class of 2018

I found every system well organized and covered key information briefly and quickly, leaving time to spend in the garden or on a herb-hike! I really enjoyed the time in the outdoor classroom!  I also really appreciated the help organizing your beautiful binders with Post-it’s that you provided. THANK YOU!  So simple but so wonderfully effective! The small pads that we converted into ”Actions of Herbs Resources” was also brilliant and I have been adding to it since! Wonderful tool! 

     I really like your Formulary reference book. Thank you for putting all that information together so clearly and beautifully! I’ve always used David Hoffman’s Medical Herbalism book for my advanced class on the systems of the body but if I have the good fortune of teaching that course again I will definitely switch to your formulary, especially because it focuses primarily on North American plants.

            I really liked the focus on every plants actions, and then finding the overlap herbs to make the best formulation. I also enjoyed meeting new plants that don’t grow in zone 4 where I live. Outside my van window where I was camping in New Brunswick was a flowering Japanese elder that I had never identified before seeing it in your garden. I love meeting new plants and then finding them in other parts of the world!

            I wanted this kind of Herbal immersion among like-minded Herbalists which is exactly what I found at your school. It was luxurious having a full two weeks, and with the small class size everything was smooth and SO enjoyable!

            For people who love, use and want to discover more about herbs, weeds, trees and wildflowers, this 2-week intensive Herbal Program is a delight! Holly is a very knowledgeable, hands-on herbalist with a deep understanding of plant actions. She has a sweet, compassionate disposition which is welcoming and inclusive. The course starts off with a an Introductory Apothecary Weekend… transforming a variety of herbs into tea mixtures, vinegars, syrups, salves, lotions and electuaries as part of an actual Herbal Business. It was a treat bantering about our favourite herbal concoctions and sharing herbal recipes while we feasted on Tarah’s delicious meals! The course material then speeds up to an intermediate/advanced level with a focus on Holly’s 4-Tier Formulary for healing, nourishing and supporting our bodies many intertwined systems. We discuss case studies, medicinal constituents and share our herbal histories. Holly emphasizes working with the whole person, going beyond their primary issue(s) in order to select the best blend of herbal remedies. I loved the emphasis of thinking “outside the bottle” as we concocted a variety of transformations with local plants.

            I particularly loved the warm, friendly, kind environment, the laughter, the open-mindedness, the love and support, the cooperative spirit, the exchanges between all of us, about herbs…and about life. As a result of it all, the learning was so rich!  I also loved all the extras that you scheduled into the Program …the cordial night with the campfire, the solstice celebration, the picnic on the beach with local Herbalists as well as getting a taste of Martha’s Vineyard via the dumptique, the farmers market, craft fair and the rose petal gathering at the beach. Travelling together in one vehicle was the BEST! I also really enjoyed that delicious and nutritious meals were included with this course, especially since our schedule was so busy. That made it SO Special It really felt like a holiday as well as an educational experience! 

"...a fantastic, transformative experience for me..."

Patty Sanders, Class of 2018

Dear Holly,

Gracias, thank you for your sincere deep love for the natural green world that gently heals our wounds. This has been a fantastic transformative experience for me. Gracias, con amor, 

"I loved thinking of the formulas."

Jamie Hawk, class of 2018

I liked how we worked with body systems that paired well. The herb school definitely added to my understanding of herbal medicine. I feel very confident in creating well-suited formulas and applying herbal medicine to daily needs. Holly was a patient, kind and accessible teacher. She shares her wisdom and experience in herbal medicine with true grace. Her tried and true experiences are very informative and she has a wealth of knowledge to pull from. I loved thinking of the formulas. It felt really exciting when a formula felt was created. It felt very informed and intuitive. That was my favorite part. I loved all of the discussion and learning from you and the fellow students, too. 

"...transformative for me on multiple levels..."

Keya Guimaraes, Class of 2018

Still basking in the love and growth of Herbal school :) The sequence of lessons, the structure, and in-garden classes all culminated in a very thorough and meaningful learning experience. This was transformative for me on multiple levels, while also providing a solid foundation to begin practicing herbalism for my family and community. The value gained in exchange for tuition and time was an incredible investment. 

     Like herbalism itself, the Holly Bellebuono Herbalism School, is a holistic experience, a 360 degree approach to teaching and learning — providing hands-on herbal crafting, outdoor and experiential plant education, and in-depth physiological and formulary training. All of your senses and intellect will be called upon in this immersive and meaningful training, and you will walk away with a plentiful basket and full heart. Despite the intensity of the study, your days will be full of laughter, sunshine, and sisterhood! Holly is a wise, gracious, and humble teacher —she appreciates the depth of experience and knowledge that each individual brings with them, yet gently guides each student to grow beyond their starting point.

               I loved the environment that you, Tarah, and the group created — the entire experience was so healing, so full, so transformative for me. The combination of the apothecary weekend with in-depth study of physiology at the house and at the library, the herbal walks and in-garden, in-woods, learning times all culminated into such a fantastic curricula. My favorite times were being outside with the plants and you, and then bringing them home and crafting. I loved our group, and felt I was so fortunate to meet these beautiful and knowledgable women. Tarah’s Still and hydrosol workshops were among my very favorite!

"I feel like I have met lifelong friends!"

Angel Smith, Class of 2018

The whole weekend was very inspiring. You have a great mannerism that makes students feel like they learned many things about working with herbs and gives them the confidence to try some of the recipes we learned for teas.  I especially enjoyed the class on making cordials. You are a very giving, talented and knowledgeable instructor. Your instruction was done in a way that allowed me to understand basic concepts in herbalism and how to prepare and use them. We learned that many things are right out in our own yards or are easy to bring to it.

Staying in that beautiful home with one of the loveliest group of women was the most enjoyable, unexpected experience. Each student and you, the instructor, came from so many walks of life but has the same wonderful personality that was open, welcoming and not judgmental. All of the women were so welcoming and I feel like I have met lifelong friends.  I am going to Puerto Rico and probably Columbia some day and I know I will be welcome in both places. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to tell you some of the best parts about the weekend.  I hope to see you again soon, I am enjoying all of your books, they are very well written and at times I feel like I am listening to you speak.

"An amazing, fantastic, timely, enriching program"

Susan Clements, Class of 2017

What an amazing, fantastic, timely, enriching  program this has been…I am deeply grateful. At each important juncture in my life, the absolute best teacher has appeared…what an inspiration you are for me!

"The very best investment of my time and money"

Tarah Gibbon, Class of 2017

I've had so many wonderful moments since leaving.  Heart-opening, eye opening moments.  I'm walking with more intention and focus. This 2-week intensive course has so much to offer! From medicine making, to identifying, harvesting, formulary and an understanding of body systems and actions is so comprehensive...and most importantly accessible! For such a high level of learning Holly has made the course flow in a way that makes it easy to learn and understand. If you have an interest in knowing more about herbal medicine whether you are just beginning on the herbal path or you've been on it for decades, this course is for you. Holly's teaching style and overall ease of relating to her students is so warm and supportive. Holly allows the space for each student to flourish in their own way, on their own path. Herbalism captures us all on different levels, and Holly emulates acceptance of the unique way each person finds to integrate herbalism into their lifestyle/career, and the knowledge gained from the course will take your passion for herbalism to the next level!

It was the very best investment of my time and money I could have made!! This course IS an investment for your life and career!  

"best scholastic experience of my life"

Alyssa Camarce, Distance Program

I thoroughly loved Holly's course. It was fact dense and full of practical application. Holly was super personable and encouraging whenever I had questions. She gave me guided freedom to delve deeply into the whole world of herbalism. Her books are well-loved in my library and I reference her words in my own practice daily. Studying under her was the best scholastic experience of my life. I am ever grateful.

"I am so happy that I came!"

Cory Morgan, Class of 2017

Thanks again so much!! I am so happy that I came to your school!

"The material is very accessible..."

Cara Goodenough, Class of 2017

I am thankful you have encouraged me to take this course albeit quite intense as a beginner because the way in which you have organized the material is very accessible and I see all of my traditional and nontraditional dreams coming true ;) 

You are incredible!

"Holly is a gem of a teacher!"

Minga Mintz, Class of 2017

"[This] is a rich, hands on program that draws its value from the presence and strength of it’s teacher, Holly Bellebuono. Holly is a gem of a teacher. Her quiet yet strong presence allows for the students and material to work together organically, veering off track to allow for rich sharing of personal experience and to playfully explore ideas and questions as they emerge and yet somehow she always managed to firmly guide us back to the detailed scientific yet soulful information of the readings, lessons, and the task of getting the abundance of homework done! I have to admit I was groaning towards the end, “down with homework!” But, wow! It really served its purpose in helping us to absorb such an immense amount of material in such a short period of time. I came home and went on a walk and felt amazed and proud of myself for how much I had learned. I really think the 2-Week Intensive is the way to go. Thank you Holly!"

"Holly is a very loving and giving teacher..."

Krystal Rose, Distance Program

Holly is a very loving and giving teacher, who really seems to want her students to succeed.  She is easy to ask questions to and will answer them fully, and give you a little bit more to think about.

Definitely worth my time and money!

Sasha Geerken, class of 2015

 Holly is an amazing teacher. She is patient, understanding and willing to listen to her students. She was willing to let conversations run a bit off topic when someone was telling a life story, which was really nice because it helped to give the topic relevance. Holly is a wonderful listener and really wants to connect to all her students, and deeply listen to what they have to say. Holly is a true healer, and the world needs more people like her.

Definitely worth my time and money! It is certainly an intense program, but it is incredible how much you will learn in such a short amount of time. 

Get ready to change the way you view health and healing! I found my spirituality by attending this program with Holly and my life will never be the same. It was the perfect introduction to the world of natural healing and I will continue to be a student in this field the rest of my life. 


Sharon Schoen, Distance Program

Holly’s warm and joyful demeanor combine with her extensive knowledge and clear, precise communication of complex information to impart a rich and deep learning journey with medicinal plants.


She has a gentle and persistent way of encouraging you to discover and develop confidence in your own work with plants that is life-changing.

"A fun way to learn about herbs!"

Ellen McMannis, Class of 2017

It's a fun way to learn about herbs, actions, how to's while exploring the island. It's half school and half vacation!

"Caring, supportive, knowledgeable"

Grace McNally, Class of 2015

Holly is a caring, supportive and knowledgeable teacher. I felt even when I felt uncertain about something, Holly still felt very confident in my knowledge and ability.This two week program was a very good investment of my time and money.  It was probably my favorite two weeks of the summer because I learned such valuable information and got to spend so much time with an incredible group of women. It was an incredible 2 weeks jam packed with the basics of herbal medicine, on a beautiful island, with a group who is just as interested and excited to learn as you are!

"I continue to feel supported"

MInga Mintz, Class of 2017

Holly’s intensive 2 week program opened me up to my passion for and knowledge of plants and herbal healing. I left feeling so confident in my knowledge and ability to use what I had learned. And it doesn’t stop! I continue to feel supported through our group Facebook page and the little doors that open there and lead me down the next path in my journey as an herbalist. Not only that! I had a fun and fabulous 2 week vacation on the gorgeous island of Martha’s Vineyard with a wonderful group of women. It was a life changing experience and will always hold a special place in my heart(-:

I hope I get to come back and do it again some day!

"It has helped in so many ways!"

Tynne Love, Class of 2017

Holly, it has been such a joy. I really appreciate what you have created, this class... it has helped in so many ways! So much gratitude, you are such a special wise woman and I'm so lucky to have been in that group! Respect, love and gratitude.

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"Definitely worth my time and money! It is certainly an intense program, but it is incredible how much you will learn in such a short amount of time. It was the perfect introduction to the world of natural healing and I will continue to be a student in this field the rest of my life."

              --S.G., Denver CO