Award-winner! Winner of The Thomas DeBaggio Book of the Year Award by The International Herb Association.

In 2008, Holly began what would become a 7-year journey seeking out healers among the world's various healing traditions. Her book WOMEN HEALERS OF THE WORLD: The Traditions, History & Geography of Herbal Medicine is the culmination of her desire to record the rich heritage of herbal medicine and to delve into the extraordinary stories of women from all over the globe. Holly shares the lively stories of historic women who changed history with their work with plants (and doesn't shy away from the scandal and fun of their twists, turns, triumphs and passion!).

Holly also shares the fascinating stories of living women from 20 countries--nurses, doctors, homeopaths, herbalists, shamans, midwives, ethnobotanists, conservationists, and more, the inspiring people who today are changing the face of world medicine.

Women Healers of the World