“Attention cooks:


     Here’s how you can easily transform everyday      

     dishes into healing and medicinal foods.

     Bellebuono’s book is A MUST HAVE.


—Rebecca Wood,

     author of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia    

     and The Splendid Grain

The Healing Kitchen is a fantastic resource for bringing healing herbs into the kitchen and making easy, delicious foods.

With scores of recipes, the book covers a wide range of foods, including teas, salads, condiments, broths, soups, snacks, breakfasts, main dishes, smoothies, beverages, and more. Learn to incorporate nourishing plants into your daily menu--foods that taste delicious, look incredible, and give you the vitality and energy you need.

This book is a collaborative effort between Holly and 19 chefs and herbalists from around the country who have shared their trusted and healthy dishes and ideas. Be inspired and make these recipes for better health part of your daily and seasonal favorites.


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Holly Bellebuono, MPA, CH, is an American herbalist, speaker, author and empowerment facilitator specializing in natural health, herbal medicine, and visionary thinking. She is CEO of Bellebuono Holistic International, the operating entity for The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, and her renowned publishing and speaking activities. Holly founded Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary on Martha's Vineyard in 2005. 


As an herbalist of several decades, Holly has authored numerous award-winning books and she is a sought-after international speaker and teacher at conferences and universities, teaching and lecturing in Canada, Costa Rica, England, and across the United States. Holly's presentation for her documentary book Women Healers of the World is a perennial favorite at conferences for men and women studying a wide range of topics. Holly welcomes you to study and work with her from your own home, at her on-site training programs, and at her events across the US and abroad.

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