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Holly Bellebuono, MPA, CH is an internationally recognized herbalist, teacher, and author of books about herbal medicine, natural health, and women's empowerment. She directs The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine and lectures widely, including Costa Rica, England, Canada, and across the United States. Holly's seventh book was released in Spring 2020 from Llewellyn Publishers (see below); her book Women Healers of the World received the Thomas DiBaggio Book of the Year Award from the International Herb Association and the Nautilus Women's Book Award in 2014.


Holly is a sought-after speaker and her lectures range from inspiring keynotes about healing to informative lectures on neurodegenerative diseases, herbal chemistry, and health. She provides keynote addresses to organizations, corporations, associations, and universities. Click below to download Holly's speaker sheets and to schedule a speaking event.

In addition to her 27 years as a professional medical herbalist, Holly is a nonprofit leader and executive. She served as Program Director for Appalachian Voices, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group in North Carolina; as Executive Coordinator for Healthy Aging MV, a nonprofit elderly advocacy and planning organization; and is currently Executive Director of ACE MV, a nonprofit adult and community education provider of workforce education and credentials in health care, education, trades, renewable energy, languages, and more on the Island of Martha's Vineyard. Holly is most interested in serving on boards of directors that promote women's leadership and/or environmental/ecological health for communities.


NOTE: Holly is on sabbatical from teaching and consulting for 2021; registration for all courses, programs, and online classes is suspended until 2022 (this site's shopping cart is now inactive). Please join the mailing list to be notified of 2022 dates for the 2-Week Herbal Training Intensive and the Apothecary Weekend.

Holly is now booking speaking engagements for 2022-2023; click the Speaking Info tab below for contact information. 

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Giving both the opening and closing addresses at Botanica2018 at the University of Sussex, Brighton England.

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teaching at the New England Women Herbal Conference, 2014-201

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New Book Is Out!!

Holly's newest book, Llewellyn's Little Book of Herbs, is released just in time for spring gardening. The book is a wealth of information for the beginner plant-lover, covering four main topics: Gardening, Harvesting, Making, and Using herbs. Filled with enjoyable and rewarding exercises, tips, and advice, this lovely little book is an easy garden companion and will get you out into the garden (or your porch, pots, or windowsill) to start growing and using edible and medicinal plants.

Click here for more details

Past events & lectures:
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One of the most popular training programs for herbalists in the country, Holly's 2-week intensive immersion is fun, welcoming, and results in earning your Community Herbalist Certificate. Join us May 24 - June 7 in Western Mass for this incredible experience.

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This weekend is always a favorite--designed for beginners, crafters, gardeners, and anyone who wants to learn how to make herbal remedies, it is packed with fun crafting activities, herb walks, harvesting, plant ID, and tastings.

Check out this 6-minute video to learn what others have to say about Herb School!

Bring your sister, friend or partner and join us in the pristine setting of Nova Scotia! We will make a creative variety of herbal remedies, distill hydrosols, visit local herbalists and farms, visit local wineries and breweries, and explore herbal medicine in a welcoming home environment with fellow plant lovers. Space is limited, register early!

Explore Holly's Online Classes

Our popular online beginner's program is still going strong after many years and is a favorite of many herbal students. Enjoy beautiful printed books, helpful digital curriculum materials, easy and fun hands-on apothecary projects, one-on-one training with Holly via email, and an inspiring wealth of knowledge to kick-start your herbal journeys--all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Click here for more info and to enroll.

Learning herbal actions is one of the key steps in using herbs for health. This mini-course is an inexpensive way to update your knowledge and improve your skills with plants and formulary.  With no homework and no quizzes, this is an efficient education in one of the most important areas of herbal medicine. And--it's packed with gorgeous photos and a welcoming walk-through with Holly. Click here for more info and to enroll.


Aromatic Herbs

Pre-recorded Webinar



Discover how herbalists use aromatics: those lovely smell-good plants whose scents waft up from their fragrant leaves. We will explore how to use these herbs -- including sage, bee balm, peppermint, spearmint, catnip, hyssop, angelica, lemon balm, and more -- for 3 body systems. Holly will share her experience using aromatics for better Nervous, Respiratory and Digestive health, and will help you look at your garden as a convenient and wonderful medicine chest. BONUS: **Includes Holly's 4-Tier Formula webinar! Purchase here.

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Herbalism: A Beginner's Toolkit

Pre-recorded Webinar



If you're new to using herbs for health, this is the perfect introductory video to help you understand the basics of herbal medicine. Holly walks you through her Teaching Garden, exploring key plants that can form the basis of your path to learning herbs. She will introduce you to common plants you can grow yourself, and show you how to harvest them and what to do with them, especially how to use them for digestive, cardiovascular, and skin issues. Learn easy methods, prepare your home's first aid pantry, and discover useful tips in this 30-minute video. You'll also get helpful, printable Tip Sheets and Holly's complete 4-Tier Formula Webinar. Purchase here.

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The Best Herbs

for Mama & Baby

Pre-recorded Webinar


Holly has been teaching herbal care and healing for pregnant and new mothers for more than 23 years. Join in this empowering class to learn how to support yourself and your baby through all that pregnancy and labor have to offer, and also how to care for your new infant with natural and safe herbs. These traditional healing methods have been mothers' favorites for centuries and are inexpensive, reliable, and healing.


Gift the pregnant or new mother in your life with this class so she can feel empowered to support health and wellness for herself and her family. BONUS #1: ** Includes Holly's Tip Sheets: Tea Blending, Salve Making, Herbal Formulary, and Liquid Extract. BONUS #2: Also includes Holly's 4-Tier Formula Webinar. Purchase here.

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Herbs for

The Brain

Pre-recorded Webinar


A comprehensive introduction to botanical remedies and new research into herbs for the brain. Includes neurodegenerative disease support for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, depression, and more. Includes an introduction into the nervous system and neuron function, and ways to integrate herbs and foods into the kitchen for neuro support.

Are you concerned about Alzheimer's Disease? Do you or someone you love suffer with Parkinson's, or depression, or multiple sclerosis? Herbal medicine can be part of the preventive care philosophy and possibly part of the solution. Join medical herbalist Holly Bellebuono for this live class to learn how neurons work, and how nervine herbs, adaptogens, and other herbs and foods can address neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's Parkinson's, and more. New research is showing promise for support for the brain. Includes PDF of the class and Q&A afterwards. Purchase here.


Llewellyn's 2019

This is a lovely collection of essays, tips, and information for herbalists and gardeners. Check out Holly's contribution on herbal formulary, sharing her favorite methods for combining herbs in a medicinal blend.

Medical Herbalist Holly Bellebuono

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Holly teaches

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Essential Herbal for Natural Heath
Essential Herbal for Natural Heath

Herbal crafting & recipes

The Authentic Herbal Healer
The Authentic Herbal Healer

A formulary resource

Women Healers of the World Cover 9781629145891
Women Healers of the World Cover 9781629145891
Positive Self Empowerment Cover 2
Positive Self Empowerment Cover 2

A brainstorming workbook

Goal Setting Guide
Goal Setting Guide

Entrepreneurial workbook

Audio CD Collection
Audio CD Collection

6 herbal CDs

The Healing Kitchen
The Healing Kitchen

A cookbook with edible and medicinal herbs!

Herbalist Guide to Formulary
Herbalist Guide to Formulary

Herbalist Guide by Holly Bellebuono

Empowering Women, Entrepreneurs & Healing Arts Professionals

2018 Events

The Herbal Healer Course

The Shift Network


March 6 - April 17

4-Day Apothecary Weekend

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine

Martha's Vineyard MA

June 14 - 17

2-Week Herbal Training Intensive

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine

Martha's Vineyard MA

June 14 - 27

Keynote Address


Brighton, England

August 31, September 1, 2, 2018

Goal-Setting Online Class

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine


September 11, 1:00pmEastern

The Best Herbs for Mama & Baby Online Class

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine


September 18, 1:00pmEastern

Aromatic Herbs Online Class

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine


September 25, 1:00pmEastern

Herbs for the Brain Online Class

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine


October 9, 1:00pmEastern

2017 Events

Keynote Speaker

"Women Healers of the World"

"Herbs for Neurodegenerative Diseases"

The Michigan Herb Association Annual Conference

Lansing MI

April 26

"Herbs for the Brain"

"Crafting Herbal Remedies with Herbs & Honey"

The Open Center

New York NY

June 18

4-Day Apothecary Weekend

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine

Martha's Vineyard MA

June 22-25

2-Week Herbal Training Intensive

The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine

Martha's Vineyard MA

June 22 - July 6

Herbal Medicine Lectures

New England Women's Herbal Conference

Hebron NH

August 25-27

Retreats & Travel

Join Holly at destinations around the world for fun, sight-seeing, and herbal exploration.

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"Holly's empathy, insight, and generosity with her knowledge are remarkable; it's not too much to say that knowing Holly has changed my life."    A. L., Washington DC

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"I can't say thank you enough for such a wonderful experience!" M.H., 2015

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"Holly, it has been such a joy. I really appreciate what you have created , this class..... it has helped in so many ways!

So much gratitude , you are such a special wise woman and I'm so lucky to have been in that group ! Respect, love and gratitude," T.L., 2017

"My heart is still half in Martha's Vineyard with you!" M.M., 2017

Holly teaching at the Farm Institute
Holly's hops harvest
Holly teaching at Polly Hill
2-Week Herbal Intensive 2015
nettle recipe The Healing Kitchen
Meeting mullein
Exploring plants on herbal ID walk
2-Week Herbal Intensive 2014
Celebrating with Elder Flower
Learning lake-side