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I help creative business women change the world

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About Holly

Entrepreneur, consultant, author, and international speaker Holly Bellebuono has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, creatives, writers, and business leaders expand their business to reach the next level of success. Holly works with individuals and small teams and speaks to large audiences at conferences and universities --across England, Costa Rica, Canada, and the United States from Boston to Hawaii -- to provide memorable meaning, focus, and growth.


A catalyst in women’s empowerment and visionary thinking, Holly has spent the past 28 years building an innovative brand and creative business. She has authored 7 books with three major publishing houses, lectured internationally, lead vibrant retreats and workshops, developed retail and wholesale product and service lines, and has taught men and women from across the world. She teaches strategy and planning, as well as business financial basics that move women's businesses toward clarity, profit, and magic.


Her documentary book Women Healers of the World: The Traditions, History & Geography of Herbal Medicine, was named The Thomas DeBaggio Book of the Year 2015 by The International Herb Association, and her work appears in Parabola, SageWoman, Juno (Britain), and Taproot, among many others.


Holly has also spent years as a nonprofit executive; she holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Appalachian State University and has served as executive, finance, and program director for human service, education, and environmental nonprofit organizations. She has won two Small Business Owner of the Year Awards and a Nonprofit of the Year Award. Her engaging empowerment workshops for entrepreneurs, creatives, and women are highlights at conferences and universities.

Selle Entrepreneur Network

Holly directs The Selle Entrepreneur Network for creative and innovative women entrepreneurs. The Network is for women who wish to create magic with their businesses -- artists, gardeners, retailers, coaches, authors, product designers, content creators, and visionaries -- to provide structure, resources, networking, and business basics to get the business to the next level. Holly is especially interested in working with women who are socially conscious, environmentally aware, and highly motivated -- such as those who are interested in establishing B-Corps or LLCs with a vibrant mission and goal, as well as those just starting out with a big vision.

Visit Holly's Amazon Author page here.


Holly Bellebuono, speaker, business consultant
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Entrepreneur Network

Interested in a community of inspiring, quick, ambitious, creative women? Join to access masterminds, gatherings, resources, tips, retreats, and more!


Get 1:1 coaching with Holly

Schedule a series of coaching calls with Holly Bellebuono. Include your team members or come solo to develop the best plan to launch your project, product or service successfully.


Book Holly to Speak

Add Holly to your conference, university or event agenda for a powerful keynote or practical workshop. Ideal for women's groups, entrepreneur conferences, empowerment symposia, colleges, retreats, and leadership associations.

Holly Bellebuono, speaker, business consultant
Holly Bellebuono retreat
Holly Bellebuono retreat and workshop
Holly Bellebuono business consultant
Holly Bellebuono
Holly Bellebuono
Holly Bellebuono

Business Vision


Check out this 6-minute video to learn what others have to say about Holly's retreats!
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