Delectable and delicious, the recipes in The Healing Kitchen are some of the easiest recipes you’ll ever make—and some of the most nourishing! Readers of Holly’s 5th book have called it “a must-have” and “a first of its kind.”


Do you want to make healthy foods everyday, and don’t know where to begin? Would you like to include anti-inflammatory or tonic herbs in your diet? If you want to deeply nourish yourself and feed your body and soul, this online course will guide you to start now. With THE HEALING KITCHEN ONLINE COURSE, you’ll learn to incorporate nourishing plants into your daily menu—foods that taste delicious, look incredible, and give you the vitality and energy you need.


Holly’s book is a collaborative effort between herself and 19 chefs and herbalists from around the country who have shared their trusted and healthy dishes and ideas. In this online course, you’ll explore a variety of these recipes to gain a steady foundation in preparing nourishing foods.


Together we will explore all that a simple kitchen garden has to offer—from making simple teas to crafting elegant and nutritious meals—all using healing herbs that support digestion, aid mental clarity, and nourish the body. This course covers a wide range, including teas, salads, condiments, broths, soups, snacks, breakfasts, main dishes, smoothies, beverages, and more. It also includes a daily inspiration to help you start your day with purpose—often tied to the natural world and the green plants around us.


You don’t need to be a chef to enjoy THE HEALING KITCHEN ONLINE COURSE and strengthen your connection to foods and herbs!


The Course Features:


  • Your own printed copy of The Healing Kitchen by Holly Bellebuono

  • 10-12 videos with step-by-step recipes and easy, how-to instruction

  • Coupon for discounts to Roost Books favorite collections

  • Printable PDF index of videos and book recipes

  • Printable PDF index of recipes by the season, to customize your creations throughout the year

  •  and much more

  • Course will be open for enrollment ahead of the holiday season!


You’ll learn to:

  • make delicious and nourishing drinks, snacks, dressings, smoothies, meals, and treats featuring edible and medicinal herbs

  • learn to improve your health and strategies for preventive wellness

  • learn how to include healing herbs in your daily diet, easily and simply

  • discover herbs that support mental clarity and brain strength, and ways to include them in the kitchen