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Business owners and nonprofits hire Holly Bellebuono to support rebranding, new branding, storytelling, and strategy. With 30 years' award-winning experience in innovative entrepreneurship and nonprofit leadership, Holly brings a wealth of strategies, experience, and perspective to move your business, product, project, or program to the next level.

Does your company feel a bit lost? Do your employees know how to describe what you do? Do your partners understand the unique benefits of working with you?

If your company needs to refresh your brand, or identify itself anew, developing your story is the strongest way to get from lost to leading. A story is the narrative of your business: it shares the business's founding, development, and challenges along the way. It is the story of its leader and the team. And it especially shares its purpose, mission and values.

Without a strong narrative, your team can't tell your tale or sell a sale. Potential clients and customers won't understand why YOU are the company they need.

Branding through storytelling is the most straightforward way to build an exceptionally strong business, but not everyone can tell a good (or true) story. Holly has been self- and company-branding since 1994, using story and identity to build recognizable, trustworthy and profitable businesses that she and her customers are proud of.


Holly's coaching will guide your businesses on how to think, how to narrate, and how to attract customers through your unique experience and perspective. Through her coaching, you and your team will:

  • Learn to tell the company’s unique story narrative to leverage key strengths that resonate

  • Develop verbal and visual narratives that attract sales

  • Position your company’s brand through your own compelling story

  • Develop and articulate your social and/or environmental purpose

  • Use your unique story to develop strategy

  • Identify and articulate your unique differences, strengths, and experiences to craft a Brand Story

  • Use purpose/mission to crystalize brand strategy and identity

  • Reassess, redefine, recreate a brand at needed stages of company growth

  • Transform and mature an outgrown/outdated/unclear brand identity

And because Holly loves working with socially and environmentally visionary businesses, she can provide guidance on the B-Corp path as well as other due diligence pathways, including 1% for the Planet, FairTrade, Certified Organic, etc.

Best-Matched Clients

Holly's key audience for coaching are:

For Profits:           

  • B-corps and aspiring B-corps

  • Natural products Industry (soap, skincare/beauty, herbal products, seeds/garden)

  • Natural foods industry (teas, chocolate/coffee, organic foods)

  • Organics (textiles, clothing, children’s products, foods, cosmetics)

  • Natural product thought leaders, course creators, activists, empire builders, national catalogues)

Non-Profits dedicated to:

  • Conservation & environmental protection

  • Animal welfare

  • Women’s empowerment

Holly will work with your TEAM to:

  • Probe your deepest and most authentic desires for your company’s growth

  • Inspire your team to buy-in through a personal, collaborative visioning of purpose and mission

  • Bring your story to life for your team with a narrative they will embrace

  • Guide your team to clearly articulate your mission and brand

  • Guide your team to explore the company’s role in tackling societal and environmental challenges and act on the B-corp model to deliver change

  • Walk through the pain points that change may bring

  • Align the CEO/leadership with the company brand

Holly will help you position your MARKETING to:

  • Influence and engage your audience with strength and integrity around your purpose

  • Clearly communicate your passion, vision, mission, and purpose

  • Clearly communicate your achievements toward your purpose and educate your customers about “business as a force for good”

  • Confirm niche alignment and target audience

Through coaching, we can also evolve and define the company’s OPERATIONAL STRATEGY to:

  • align your product and profit using environmentally-sound and women-empowering decisions in every aspect of the company

  • identify, leverage and fortify your professional relationships

Contact Holly here to schedule a call to identify your unique coaching needs.

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