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To nurture, celebrate, expand and boost creative women's businesses

Selle LLC Founder:

Holly Bellebuono, MPA, CH

Founded by international herbalist, author and speaker Holly Bellebuono. 

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The Selle Entrepreneur Network is especially designed for creative women business owners (or those serving women) who want to start or expand their creative business.

We welcome everyone who has a start-up or small-to-medium sized entrepreneurial business,

especially those in three broad categories: 

1) Art-based businesses including:



Etsy crafters







fabric and textile crafters photographers

graphic design

chefs & culinary artists

spirit & beverage crafters

2) Nature-based businesses including:





soap makers

skin-care retailers

and other businesses that respectfully and sustainably source their product or service from the earth

3) Coaches and inspirers including:


(life, health & wellness)




midwives & doulas

DEI advocates


bloggers & vloggers

and other entrepreneurs who bring magic and wellbeing to and through women

Selle Logo Woman_edited.jpg

The Benefits of Selle Membership

If you're a woman entrepreneur who is starting a new business, product, or service; or if you have an established business and you're ready to grow... this association of creative women entrepreneurs is for you.... for inspiration, meaning, information, and so much more.

You have creative inspiration... and by developing a solid plan, strategy or framework for your business, you'll be able to harness profitable creativity. Learn tips and strategies to take your business to the next level.


Your business can be both creative AND structured;

both artsy or nature-based AND ready.


Here, you'll connect with other women across the country and internationally who are inspired by bringing magic to the world, and you'll develop business acumen and smarts that grow your business to the next level.


Selle is for you:

Do you want to start or expand a creative business?

  • Here you'll find guidance for planning, starting, and expanding, with opportunities for 1:1 consulting with founder and award-winning entrepreneur Holly Bellebuono

Do you ever feel alone or isolated in your community or industry?

  •  Here you'll connect with a vibrant community, including joining in constructive Mastermind groups and wonderful virtual and in-person retreats

Do you feel unsure of business, financial or the nitty-gritty details?

  • Here you'll learn the tools you need to do business right, with templates, cheatsheets, plans and more from Holly's extensive business background as well as those shared by other entrepreneurs within the network

Do you ever feel worried, stuck or hesitant about your next business step?

  • Here you'll gain confidence with a strong strategy in a welcoming and vibrant group of women

Would you value a mentor or advisor and you're not sure where to start?

  • Here you'll meet bootstrapping women who have been in your shoes whose insights and perspectives will help launch you on your path!

Membership in Selle is welcoming and open to all, and will help you as the owner or manager of your business expand, grow, plan, develop, and hone. 

Join now to make the absolute MOST of your creative business.

What you'll get as a member:
Selle Logo Woman_edited.jpg
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


PO Box 322

West Tisbury MA 02575



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