Links related to The Healing Kitchen

Jan Buhrman, Kitchen Porch, chef

The Nerdy Farm Wife

Kirstin Uhrenholdt, private chef

Brittany Nickerson, Thyme Herbal, The Herbalist's Kitchen

Doug Elliott

Blaire Edwards

Kathleen Gilday, Woodland Essence

Robin Rose Bennett, The Gift of Healing Herbs

Juliet Blankespoor, Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

Rosalee de la Foret, LearningHerbs

Corinna Wood, Southeast Women's Herbal Conference

Linda Alley, Jam

Sharon Egan, Juicewell

Hank Shaw, Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast

Suzanna Stone, Owlcraft Healing Ways

Heather Thurber, Ayurveda Martha's Vineyard

Catherine Walthers, private chef

Constance Green, Wine Forest, The Wild Table

Links related to Women Healers of the World

Please support the following worthy organizations and businesses that are connected to, in some way, the extraordinary women interviewed in this documentary book.

Bernadette Rebienot 

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Rosemary Gladstar

United Plant Savers

Dr. Jody Noe

Kate Gilday

Woodland Essence

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

Susun Weed

Dr. Lillian Chang

World Medicine Institute

Dr. Ada-Belinda DancingLion

The Healing Room

Ian White

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Annie McIntyre

Zoe Hawes

Phuntsog Wangmo

Shang Shung Institute

Tracy Thorpe

Tracy Thorpe Fine Art


Links to BSHM Students & Their Work

My herbal students, apprentices and interns are among the most creative and productive people I know! Here are some of their websites and other sites, please check out their work and support these herbal entrepreneurs!

Krystal Rose Bartholomew

DalLagoShoppe on Etsy

Sharon Schoen

Tarah Gibbon

Dig It Naturals




Alyssa Camarce

The Persistent Pestle

Minga Mintz

Selwood Green Farm

Facebook: Norbert’s Good Food & Selwood Green Farm

Instagram: norbertsgoodfood

Cara Goodenough



(more to come!)

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