Herbs for the Brain


with Holly Bellebuono

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If you or someone you love is concerned about neurodegenerative diseases--including dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, ALS, MS, and depression, you are not alone. Of those aged 80-84, approximately half have dementia, and many of us are worried about being at-risk for other neurodiseases.

Mental clarity is also a top concern--keeping our brains fit and active, and "feeding" our minds with the nutrients we need.

Join herbalist Holly Bellebuono to discover the newest research into how herbs can address the brain. In this 2-hour, 3-part webinar, you'll learn how neurons function--what they do, and how neurotransmitters work. You'll also learn about a wide range of issues relating to brain function and how herbs and foods can help protect the brain, nourish our cells, and possibly help prevent neurodegeneration and illness.

Updated from presentations at The New York Open Center, the New England Women's Herbal Conference, and The Shift Network, this instructional webinar by herbalist Holly Bellebuono is helpful and accessible.


This webinar is pre-recorded.

Total length is approximately 2 hours.

The webinar is conveniently divided into 3 parts to make listening and learning

easy and straightforward; play the webinar all the way through,

or divide it into parts.

Purchase also includes a PDF of text and notes with references.

When your purchase is complete, you will receive

links to download the webinar and the PDF. Note: the webinar

is large; many students download it onto a thumb drive or external hard drive.