Learn tips and techniques in this welcoming 55-page workbook about setting goals and achieving results--especially for business owners.

If you own or want to own your business and you're ready to change something about your business, improve your leadership habits, or to create goals that will actually happen, this guidebook will walk you through Holly's inspiring process that she's been using successfully for more than 2 decades. It's easy, uplifting, encouraging and specific. 

Get things done--make positive changes in your business using this guide and its helpful worksheets. Whether you want to relocate your business, invent and introduce a new product, establish a board or a success team, or increase revenues in a natural way with integrity and creativity, Holly's process will guide you step-by-step so you can identify your most desired goals and fulfill them quickly.

This is not a typical mainstream business guide--there are no formal business and finance terms or Type-A strategies. Instead, this workbook brings your personal strengths to the forefront so you can move your business forward with confidence no matter what business you're in. Learn about visualization techniques, using and benefitting from your imagination, strengthening and applying your emotions, using creative networking and collaboration ideas, and most of all-- mapping a solid action plan to set goals and achieve the results you want.

NOTE: This is the PRINTED workbook, 55 pages; we also have a digital download available.