The Essential Herbal Online 7-Month


The Essential Herbal Online 7-Month Course

In our welcoming and personable online course, you'll jump into the rich heritage of herbal medicine and gain a depth of understanding that will serve you for the rest of your life. Holly has been teaching herbal medicine for 24 years and her online course is a wonderful way to begin--without even leaving your own home. 


Learn about herbal medicine at your own pace for fun or to build a foundation of herbal studies and prepare you for the next step. This course is great for gardeners, home herbalists, and those who want guidance in harvesting, preparing, and using your herbal creations.


Organized by body system, this beginner course will inspire you to connect with the plants and will challenge you to learn to apply herbal medicine in real-world situations.

You’ll enjoy one-on-one access to, and homework feedback with Holly Bellebuono.
.Enroll anytime throughout the year in this welcoming beginner program. 


The BSHM Essential Herbal Online Course is a wonderful introduction to the foundations of western botanical healing, with a double emphasis: on botanical formulary and herbal craftsmanship. Our Online Course is designed for beginners-- individuals who want to learn the basics of herbal medicine and use it to support themselves and their families. Featuring Holly's books The Essential Herbal and An Herbalist's Guide to Formulary, it makes Latin herbalism, chemistry and anatomy easy, so you can discover all the benefits plant medicine has to offer--and it instills a passion for working with plants that will serve you your whole life.


Herbalist and teacher Holly Bellebuono has organized a wealth of herbal healing information by body system—so that the student covers a wide range of information seamlessly and in a coherent format. In this course, you'll cover many major body systems and the herbs that work within them:






Women's Reproductive

Men's Reproductive




Herbs, body systems and illnesses are all cross-referenced for easy understanding of how herbal actions affect overall health. 


This program is for students who are interested in furthering their botanical medicine education and learning about how herbs combine, how they work in the body, and how, why and when herbal medicine is effective. It is for the student who wants to work from his or her own home and be self-paced—within a flexible but recommended 7-month timeframe. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in any herbal topic—from gardening to healthcare—as well as for crafters, alternative healing practitioners, and university students seeking a basic understanding and introduction to herbal medicine. (For a more intermediate/advanced course of study, enroll in the 2-Week Herbal Immersion).

Upon enrollment you will receive curriculum materials, a Student Workbook, The Essential Herbal book, An Herbalist's Guide to Formulary book, a digital download of our 6-CD Audio Collection, and in-depth webinar videos for each lesson. Throughout the 7-month course you will enjoy one-on-one access to, and homework evaluations with, Holly Bellebuono.

Certificate of Completion (optional)
Timeframe:  recommended within 7 months
Level:  Beginner
Tuition:  $895


"Holly was a patient, kind and accessible teacher. She shares her wisdom and experience in herbal medicine with true grace. Her tried and true experiences are very informative and she has a wealth of knowledge to pull from."

--Jamie, 2018

Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine

You Will Learn:


  • The methods and philosophies of herbal formulary, and how to envision and prepare formulas with plants from all over the world

  • Basic anatomy of human body systems and and their illnesses

  • Holly's Four-Tier Formula Structure for maximum healing support, by body system

  • The identification, harvest, and use of herbs

  • Herbal craftsmanship, and how to make a wide variety of effective hand-made herbal remedies, including salves, tinctures, compresses, poultices, plasters, powders, liniments, syrups, suppositories, vinegars, and more

  • Health & wellbeing for every member of the family, applicable for both home health and community wellness programs

  • Body system education, incorporating beginner's anatomy, chemistry and botany for a basic understanding of health issues relative to body system and clinical and historic examples of the world's plants that have been effectively used to treat illness as well as promote health and nourish

  • The heritage and history of botanical medicine, including historical and modern international women healers individually interviewed and profiled by Holly





  • Complete curriculum materials with instruction book and texts written by herbalist Holly Bellebuono

  • The book The Essential Herbal for Natural Health

  • The book An Herbalist's Guide to Formulary

  • A complete Student Workbook

  • The book Positive Self Empowerment OR Goal-Setting Guide (as supplies allow)

  • Digital downloads of six professionally mastered audio CDs with carefully chosen health issues, to make listening to each lesson easy

  • Colorful and easy-to-follow lesson-by-lesson Webinar Videos, recorded by Holly to guide you through the workbook

  • Personal guidance and one-on-one direction from Holly Bellebuono

  • Discount on the Herbal Action Webinar Series (a $100 value)

  • An education that will last you a lifetime

  • Growth as part of a welcoming herbal community

Refunds and Cancellations

A partial refund, less a $250 cancellation fee, can be given if the program is cancelled within 14 days of enrollment.

What Makes Our Program Special?


Holly Bellebuono is renowned for her welcoming style and her ability to teach in a way that is accessible and enjoyable. She introduces each topic in a no-nonsense way, with humor and a sense of compassion for the individuals seeking healing guidance as well as the healers.


You will learn what herbs are anti-inflammatory or vulnerary, how to use them in circumstances of injury or illness, and discover how to craft formulas specific to hundreds of given conditions; more than this, you will also develop a robust appreciation for the incredible harmony between people and plants, and you'll gain a strong foundation for helping others using herbs.



now digital**

**Special Discount: Get 10% off your tuition when you enroll in both The Essential Herbal Online Course and The Herbal Action Online Course!

"An amazing, fantastic, timely, enriching program"

Susan Clements, Class of 2017, 2-Week Immersion

What an amazing, fantastic, timely, enriching  program this has been…I am deeply grateful. At each important juncture in my life, the absolute best teacher has appeared…what an inspiration you are for me!

"The very best investment of my time and money"

Tarah Gibbon, Class of 2017, 2-Week Immersion

I've had so many wonderful moments since leaving.  Heart-opening, eye opening moments.  I'm walking with more intention and focus. This 2-week intensive course has so much to offer! From medicine making, to identifying, harvesting, formulary and an understanding of body systems and actions is so comprehensive...and most importantly accessible! For such a high level of learning Holly has made the course flow in a way that makes it easy to learn and understand. If you have an interest in knowing more about herbal medicine whether you are just beginning on the herbal path or you've been on it for decades, this course is for you. Holly's teaching style and overall ease of relating to her students is so warm and supportive. Holly allows the space for each student to flourish in their own way, on their own path. Herbalism captures us all on different levels, and Holly emulates acceptance of the unique way each person finds to integrate herbalism into their lifestyle/career, and the knowledge gained from the course will take your passion for herbalism to the next level!

It was the very best investment of my time and money I could have made!! This course IS an investment for your life and career!  

"best scholastic experience of my life"

Alyssa Camarce, Online Course

I thoroughly loved Holly's course. It was fact dense and full of practical application. Holly was super personable and encouraging whenever I had questions. She gave me guided freedom to delve deeply into the whole world of herbalism. Her books are well-loved in my library and I reference her words in my own practice daily. Studying under her was the best scholastic experience of my life. I am ever grateful.

"I am so happy that I came!"

Cory Morgan, Class of 2017, 2-Week Immersion

Thanks again so much!! I am so happy that I came to your school!

"The material is very accessible..."

Cara Goodenough, Class of 2017, 2-Week Immersion

I am thankful you have encouraged me to take this course albeit quite intense as a beginner because the way in which you have organized the material is very accessible and I see all of my traditional and nontraditional dreams coming true ;) 

You are incredible!

"Holly is a gem of a teacher!"

Minga Mintz, Class of 2017, 2-Week Immersion

"[This] is a rich, hands on program that draws its value from the presence and strength of it’s teacher, Holly Bellebuono. Holly is a gem of a teacher. Her quiet yet strong presence allows for the students and material to work together organically, veering off track to allow for rich sharing of personal experience and to playfully explore ideas and questions as they emerge and yet somehow she always managed to firmly guide us back to the detailed scientific yet soulful information of the readings, lessons, and the task of getting the abundance of homework done! I have to admit I was groaning towards the end, “down with homework!” But, wow! It really served its purpose in helping us to absorb such an immense amount of material in such a short period of time. I came home and went on a walk and felt amazed and proud of myself for how much I had learned. I really think the 2-Week Intensive is the way to go. Thank you Holly!"

"Holly is a very loving and giving teacher..."

Krystal Rose, Online Course

Holly is a very loving and giving teacher, who really seems to want her students to succeed.  She is easy to ask questions to and will answer them fully, and give you a little bit more to think about.

Definitely worth my time and money!

Sasha Geerken, class of 2015, 2-Week Immersion

 Holly is an amazing teacher. She is patient, understanding and willing to listen to her students. She was willing to let conversations run a bit off topic when someone was telling a life story, which was really nice because it helped to give the topic relevance. Holly is a wonderful listener and really wants to connect to all her students, and deeply listen to what they have to say. Holly is a true healer, and the world needs more people like her.

Definitely worth my time and money! It is certainly an intense program, but it is incredible how much you will learn in such a short amount of time. 

Get ready to change the way you view health and healing! I found my spirituality by attending this program with Holly and my life will never be the same. It was the perfect introduction to the world of natural healing and I will continue to be a student in this field the rest of my life. 


Sharon Schoen, Online Course

Holly’s warm and joyful demeanor combine with her extensive knowledge and clear, precise communication of complex information to impart a rich and deep learning journey with medicinal plants.


She has a gentle and persistent way of encouraging you to discover and develop confidence in your own work with plants that is life-changing.

"A fun way to learn about herbs!"

Ellen McMannis, Class of 2017

It's a fun way to learn about herbs, actions, how to's while exploring the island. It's half school and half vacation!

"Caring, supportive, knowledgeable"

Grace McNally, Class of 2015, 2-Week Immersion

Holly is a caring, supportive and knowledgeable teacher. I felt even when I felt uncertain about something, Holly still felt very confident in my knowledge and ability.This two week program was a very good investment of my time and money.  It was probably my favorite two weeks of the summer because I learned such valuable information and got to spend so much time with an incredible group of women. It was an incredible 2 weeks jam packed with the basics of herbal medicine, on a beautiful island, with a group who is just as interested and excited to learn as you are!

"I continue to feel supported"

MInga Mintz, Class of 2017, 2-Week Immersion

Holly’s intensive 2 week program opened me up to my passion for and knowledge of plants and herbal healing. I left feeling so confident in my knowledge and ability to use what I had learned. And it doesn’t stop! I continue to feel supported through our group Facebook page and the little doors that open there and lead me down the next path in my journey as an herbalist. Not only that! I had a fun and fabulous 2 week vacation on the gorgeous island of Martha’s Vineyard with a wonderful group of women. It was a life changing experience and will always hold a special place in my heart(-:

I hope I get to come back and do it again some day!

"It has helped in so many ways!"

Tynne Love, Class of 2017, 2-Week Immersion

Holly, it has been such a joy. I really appreciate what you have created, this class... it has helped in so many ways! So much gratitude, you are such a special wise woman and I'm so lucky to have been in that group! Respect, love and gratitude.

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Geared toward the beginner who wants to incorporate herbs into his or her family or community practice, this course teaches you the actions of herbs and the best ways to blend them--and it encourages you to discover your own "best ways" to use herbs and to work with the healing system that is uniquely yours.