Aromatic Herbs Online Class

You probably have a garden full of late-summer aromatic herbs--those lovely plants including catnip (pictured above), hyssop, angelica, rosemary, lemon balm, bee balm, yarrow, and many other fragrant goodies.

No matter what time of year, in this online class, you'll learn the many benefits of aromatics. We will cover their actions and properties, and how they are especially beneficial for nervous system, respiratory system, and digestive health. This class is a little chemistry, a little herbal formulary, and a lot of easy-to-apply guidance for bringing the bounty of the garden into your medicine cabinet.

So many uses! You will learn many ways to use these plants, and a variety of methods for preparing them so they last throughout the winter. No garden necessary--if you have an interest in plants, you'll find ideas here that apply to wildcrafted herbs as well as herbs purchased from your favorite supplier.

In addition to this welcoming 30-minute video, you'll get ideas, Tip Sheets, Holly's 4-Tier Formula Webinar, and guidance for using versatile and fragrant herbs--and gain confidence in crafting outside the box to create remedies for you and your family that you'll return to throughout the year.

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Bonus materials include:

Holly's 4-Tier Formula Webinar

Holly's PDF Tip Sheets

Class available: August 1 2018    


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